A complete and powerful application software that built with a paper-less hospital management concept. Unlike present scenario of operating different modules, we offers a single application, which gives surprisingly increase performance, flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

it provide an easy to use and built with cutting edge architecture and user friendly interface.






We give an ideal hospital information management system focusing on integration of clinical as well as financial and administrative applications. Unlike the present scenario of using different modules for different functions, we are using a single sign on technology for the whole system. So that the authorized personnel can retrieve necessary information anywhere and anytime they need.

Presently most of the systems are Financial Information Systems (FIS), some are Management Information Systems (MIS), and some HospitalInformation Systems (HIS) which combine FIS and MIS. In order to improve hospital services in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner, weintroduce a system in which FIS and MIS linked with Clinical Information System (CIS) with multilevel multimedia integration.

We centredaround patients and clinical processes consists of ward related Nursing Information System (NIS), and the non-ward DepartmentalInformation System (DIS).

Examples of DIS are Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Clinical Lab Information System (CLIS) and Pharmacy Information Systems(PIS).

With such synergy, the key issue is the integration of digital data so that the authorized personnel can retrieve necessary information anywhere and anytime they need. To review a patient’s record radiographic images, voice data with video sequence and live signals (Intensive Care scenario), and notes of physicians are used. In this Context, we provide an integration of HIS with Integrated Digital Medical Records (IDMR) and other advanced information systems such as Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACs) and Document Information System (Doc IS) to handle massive amount of multimedia data.

We provide an extreme advanced integration of HIS with HR Management System (HRMS), Asset Management System (AMS) and InstitutionManagement System (IMS) for Nursing School/College, Medical College& Hospitals.

Moreover we are providing Tele-Medicine Integration (TMI) with Multimedia Communication to bring the hospital a Global Standard of Digitalization.

We have world’s first Multi-Level Multimedia Integrated Hospital Information Management System with Clinical Management System.

In brief, an ideal situation, IDMR would be the centre of Hospital Information System, and the presentation of various categories of essential data which would be an automatic function geared to the needs of an authorized user.