Bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits making loans. There are various important facilities in the bank, such as ATMs and lockers, and the bank would receive a large number of clients everyday. Hence, a complete and comprehensive bank video surveillance solution should take these into consideration. It should cover all critical areas without any blind spot and realize unified management at headquarters.

          A bank would have many branches. It requires headquarter monitors all branches with a dedicated network. Blueblaze bank surveillance solution can solve the issues of interconnection even though there is no dedicated network in some branches. Our solution  solves any potential security challenges and can be applied in all kinds of bank-related surveillance scenarios.

Challenges and Solutions


  • Safety issues, such as robbery, burglary and malicious vandalism
  • Operation issues, such as transaction dispute, poor customer experience and staff arrangement
  • Cyber security issues, lack of cost-effective and safe video transmission from branch to headquarters
  • Require unified management of bank headquarters


  • 7*24 HD video surveillance
  • Abundant functions improve management efficiency
  • Advanced and reliable technologies ensure cyber security and video safety
  • Optimized EZCloud, easy to interconnect over Internet
  • Unified management platform at headquarters with various functions

Bank Layout

Bank Scenarios

Branch Security Center
Entrance & Exit
Transaction Area
Bank Headquarters