IP PBX Systems for Small Business

The modern growing businesses often face bigger challenges than those faced by the established and large entities. These small-sized organizations need to be more agile and productive with limited resources. Therefore a modern VOIP Phone system for small businesses that can help respond fast, boost productivity and reduce its acquisition and operational costs is the need-of-the-hour.

Presenting, Matrix ETERNITY PE – VOIP system for small businesses designed specifically for small-sized businesses destined to become tomorrow’s enterprise. ETERNITY PE is a versatile IP-PBX platform based on universal slots architecture, offering a variety of trunks and extensions. ETERNITY PE – VOIP PBX Phone system, is ideal for any small to medium business having 24 to 48 users. Organizations can flexibly connect FXO, GSM/3G, VOIP, ISDN BRI and T1/E1/PRI trunks and select from user extensions such as IP Phones, Digital Key Phones and Analog Phones in any combination as per communication requirements.



Universal Slot Architecture

All the expansion slots of ETERNITY PE are universal in nature. Integrate all alike or selective connectivity modules to tailor a system as per specific communication needs and diverse business applications.

Seamless Integration of Multiple Networks

ETERNITY PE is a converged IP-PBX platform offering connectivity to all legacy and new generation telephony networks such as VoIP, POTS (CO), GSM/3G, T1/E1/PRI and ISDN BRI. Further, advance cost control features such as Automatic Route Selection, Call Budgeting and Gateway features ensure each outgoing call is made at minimal charges.

Range of Phone Options

ETERNITY PE seamlessly delivers complete access to system features on a device of user’s choice regardless of the location such as office, home or roaming in the field. Users can flexibly choose from convenient phone options. This in-turn facilitates extended user reach and flexibility to communicate from anywhere and at any time.



Matrix VARTA WIN200, a Laptop and PC based Unified Client, benefits smaller businesses by offering communication flexibility to employees. It allows users to use PCs and Laptops as communication endpoints, saving huge infrastructure costs. Matrix VARTA WIN200 on ETERNITY PE provides a competitive edge to smaller business units by enabling access to multiple productivity features like:

  • 1,000 DSS and 600 BLF Keys
  • Corporate Directory Integration
  • Drag and Drop Conference
  • Contact Grouping
  • Presence Sharing