Bio Metric Attendance System

  • Various types of Authentication
  • Fingerprints(bio metric),RFID cards or tags,Passwords etc
  • Face recognition ,Wifi types are also available
  • Time and Attendance management
  • Easy user interface and data collection
  • single systems and centralized systems are available


                              Bio metric Attendance Systems are smart devices that record the working days, in-time, and out-time of all the employees’. Manual attendance system can easily be manipulated and any employee can put a proxy attendance in the manual attendance register that you could not even track. All this not only affects your entire work culture but can also put you at loss. If all the employees are manually marked present throughout the month, even though they were not then you may end up paying more salary resulting in financial losses.

                                 To avoid all this mismanagement, many offices use biometric attendance system, as in that case there remain zero changes of attendance manipulation. The advanced biometric works on an advanced algorithm that ensure 100% accurate results are delivered. No employee can ever manipulate one’s fingerprints or facial patterns to enter falsify data into the biometrics. There are different types of biometric systems and you can get the one that best matches your purpose.